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If you’d like to be supportily and help out the show, you can buy us a coffee! This isn’t Patreon where you enrol in a subscription, but rather a single donation you can do on impulse and not have to worry about until season 2!

Your support will allow us to help offset the cost of podcast, video and website hosting as well as buying the occasional real coffee to help us get up in the morning so we can produce more content for you!

But other than the satisfaction of helping us out, we’ve got some exclusive content lined up just for supporters!

  1. All Season 1 Episodes Available Immediately Upon Release!
    • You’ll get immediate access as soon as the episode is completed! No need to wait for it’s official release! Season 1 will have 22 episodes in total that you’ll be able to listen or watch right now (If you see less than 22 it’s because Alvin still has to finish the rest of the season but don’t worry, it’ll all be done by the end of March if not sooner).
  2. Talkily Season 1 Quickilys as soon as they are released
    • Mini episodes on a range of subjects that didn’t really fit into specific episodes.
  3. Talkily Season 1 RAWs only available to those who are Supportily
    • Exclusive mini shows that really didn’t fit into specific episodes. These are more unfiltered, laid back segments in which we let our hair down so to speak. Expect more unstructured and laid back content as sometimes it’s just us talking during the pre-show or going on rants when we feel like it!
  4. Talkily Season 1 Blooperies only available to those who are Supportily
    • Things sometimes go off the rails as we forget lines, peoples names, forget our points or just forget that there is equipment recording us!

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Talkily is provided in a TV Show format and a regular Podcasting format. If you only want one or the other don’t worry, we’ve produced each episode in both formats so you’re not missing out on an episode if you have a preference. If you want to be even more supportily and want to get both versions, we are offering a deal for a cool savings!

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Thanks again for supporting our show. We had a fun time putting them together and with your continued support, we hope to make it to 6 seasons and a movie!